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With the surging popularity of the craft scene (whether it’s beer or liquor), small breweries and distilleries have been establishing themselves as big players with advanced tastes that know how to give Americans what we like best—choice. You name something you like nowadays, I guarantee you there’s a distillery or a brewery somewhere in the U.S. that makes it, or will be soon.

 That being said, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up some of the coolest distilleries in America for you to check out, and maybe one day visit; there’s something for everyone here.

Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine

Founder Joe Baker’s family has been growing corn and making moonshine in the Great Smoky Mountains for over two-hundred years. Located in Galtinburg, Tennesee, Ole Smoky was founded after a state law was changed that made the distillation of moonshine legal. They currently produce White Lightnin’, Moonshine Cherries, Original Moonshine, Blue Flame (126 Proof), Lemon Drop Lightnin’, Strawberry Lightnin’, Hunch Punch Lightnin’ as well as over ten more unique flavors.



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