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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are children allowed on site?


2. Are dogs allowed on premise?


3. How many bottles of moonshine/whiskey can I fly with?

Please check the TSA guidelines and confirm directly with your airline.  

4. How much does a tasting cost? How many samples do you get for the money? 

Tastings at our Sevier County locations are $5, and you receive a $5 off coupon towards your purchase and 13 flavor samples. At our Nashville location, tastings are $10. The tasting includes a $10 coupon towards your purchase, 10 flavor samples and a Yee-Haw beer.

5. Do you take paper ID’s?

We accept paper IDs if they are within 30 days of their issue date, and are TN issued.

6. Is there parking at your locations?

While our locations do not offer parking exclusively for our distilleries, there is convenient public parking nearby.

7. Do we have to schedule a time to do a tasting?

No. Just come in to visit with us and step up to a tasting bar with space available and our friendly shine-slingers will help you out

8. How do I sign up for the guided tours of the distillery?

Guided distillery tours are available exclusively at our Holler location in Gatlinburg at this time. You may book on our website using the “Book Now” tab to the right on our homepage, or in person at The Holler.

9. Can I still buy moonshine and whiskey on Sundays?


10. Is it illegal to drive over state lines with the moonshine/whiskey?


11. What is your return policy?

If you have questions about a return or exchange, please email us at with your name, phone number, and order/receipt number.


12. Do you ship your moonshine and whiskey?

We are not able to ship our products directly to consumers due to federal laws. However, we do distribute to all 50 states. Some states are eligible to order via our online partner, Reserve Bar.

13. How can I find out what liquor stores carry your product?

Visit our Find-A-Jar page to find moonshine and whiskey flavors in your area. Be sure to call retail locations to check availability. 

14. How would I find out who my local distributor is so I can order your product?

Visit your local liquor store and let them know that you would like to have Ole Smoky available near you. They can reach out to their distributors for availability.

15. What is the price of the jars at your retail location?

Most of our products are priced at $24.95 with the exception of our fruits (Cherries, Peaches, Pickles) which are $29.95, Blue Flame which is $34.95, and Straight Bourbon Whiskey which is $44.95.

18. Do you have any deals on the moonshine/whiskey if I were to buy multiple?

We do! However, promotional items are subject to availability. Stop by to see what deals we’re running!

19. Are your locations wheelchair accessible?


20. How does the passport promotion work? 

By visiting all three of our Sevier County locations and making a purchase at each, you receive a stamp in your “passport”. At the third location you will receive a free, predetermined t-shirt.