Sunshine, Springtime, Moonshine - Spring Break With Ole Smoky

The snow's tricklin' down the mountainside, waking up shoots, flowers and ferns. March and April finds us here in The Holler makin’ some out of this world shine with a taste to match the season.

Ole Smoky’s® Blackberry Moonshine™ is the perfect addition to spring this year. Take a peek at that deep berry color; it looks just like some of the first wildflowers poppin’ out on the mountainsides. So as you sit back on your porch sippin' this berry goodness, imagine all the time we're saving you! Let us do the berry gathering, and the moonshine makin' and you just sit back and enjoy!


Come See Us for Spring Break

Now some of you might be headin' to Gatlinburg for Spring Break, and your timing couldn't be better. Get in on some of the free events around here like free guided hikes, exploring the National Park to visit waterfalls, camping and doing some awesome trout fishing in our rivers and streams. You need to get on down to The Holler too, as we just remodeled our Ole Smoky retail store. When you visit us, you can even take a look at a real honest to goodness moonshine still! 

While at Ole Smoky, you can see firsthand how we go about makin' moonshine and taste a sample or two.  You can also get a taste of some of our new flavors, like Ole Smoky Pineapple Moonshine™, which is great for mixin' drinks. Don’t forget to pick up our Margarita recipe that features Ole Smoky Pineapple Moonshine™  - get it here.


No Place like The Holler

There’s so much happenin’ in Gatlinburg and at the Holler this Spring! Get yourself down here to see the Tunes & Tales street entertainers every Friday and Saturday night. Catch a big one at the 15th Annual Smoky Mountain Trout Tournament or join us for Earth Week and run in the 5k race.

All that runnin’ and fishin’ and dancin’ might make you pretty wore out; but don't worry. We've got the shine to pick ya back up again! Shine Responsibly®

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