Springin' To The Music in Gatlinburg

Puttin' up the snow shovels and packing up the skis can mean only one thing: It's spring again in The Holler. Time for some foot stompin' music, moonshine sippin’ and some outdoor action in Gatlinburg. Use this guide to get yourself movin' now that the air's got that tang of spring:

Tunes & Tales: Folks, some good things in life really are free. Anytime you travel to Gatlinburg, you're bound to gain your fair share of amazing sights, from animals to attractions to gorgeous landscape views that surround this beautiful little town! That's where it's really at in downtown Gatlinburg. People celebrate our mountain heritage through the stories they set to music. Just amazin' how the tunes go flowin' through ya. So stop by and see us downtown for some singin’ and stories; it's free:

Downtown Gatlinburg

Now - August 9, 2014

Weekends and nightly all summer long

You can find out more about Tunes & Tales on Facebook:

Tubing - Float without a care on the Little Pigeon River. There are a few ways to do this; go ahead and BYOT (bring your own tube) or work with one of the local outfitters who can help you get geared up for tubing. There's not much to learn about tubing; you kinda get situated on your tube and start floatin' along. If you've never done this before and want some preparation, you can grab a guide before you go. Some of the outfitters will even go wait for you at the end of the tubing route and pick you up so you don't have to walk all the way back to your car. That'll make tubing a whole lot more fun, for sure.

Ziplining - Now flyin' high overhead is what the ziplining folks do, and it's an admirable sport, most definitely. You wanna keep your wits about you at all times as you zip on a line lookin' down over the trees at all the folks and sights down below. They sure look small when you're up there a couple hundred feet!

You won't have any trouble finding ziplining courses around here. There are lots of 'em. What you might wanna do though is call ahead and find out all about their rules and regs and all that stuff. Maybe you can even pay 'em a visit before you get up on the course, to see if this kind of action is your thing. Lots of folks love it, and then again there are folks that like the on the ground types of fun, too.

Once you're done zipping along or tubing or singin' tunes, you know Ole Smoky Moonshine® is always waitin' to defeat that big thirst you've worked up. Want a tip? Here's a recipe to keep the fun goin' the whole rest of the day:


•       2 Parts Ole Smoky® White Lightnin’™

•       3 parts lemonade

•       Garnish with a lemon and Ole Smoky® Moonshine Cherries™

Keep the action going with Ole Smoky Moonshine®. Shine Responsibly®.

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