Poppin Bottles in the Clubhouse: What the Dodgers Drank Last Night

"In case you hadn’t heard, the Dodgers (for the second year) clinched the NL Western Division last night in spectacular fashion, walloping historic rivals the San Francisco Giants at Dodger Stadium 9-1. The game had just about everything a die-hard fan could hope for: soon-to-be NL MVP Clayton Kershaw pitched a 11-strikeout gem and hit his first career triple, while the always-entertaining Yasiel Puig started a scoring rally in the 6th with a towering home run shot and then threw an absolute laser from center field to tag out a Giants baserunner the next inning. 
The highlight though, was the mason jar of Blackberry Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine that infielder Justin Turner produced and proceeded to pass around the clubhouse, challenging teammates to take impressive gulps and then chasing the white whiskey spirit down with cans of Coke. There’s a pretty hilarious video of it below, where Turner tells catcher Drew Butera to “hit this” after offering the jar to relievers Jamey Wright and J.P. Howell. The funny part is that Turner— a jolly, red-headed, heavily-bearded dude—looks like he might actually be capable of producing moonshine in backcountry still."

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