Ole Smoky Kicks it up a Notch with New 80 Proof Lightnin' Line

The Independently Owned Tennessee Distillery Launches Three New Flavors At A Higher Proof

Gatlinburg, TN (July 2, 2014) – When fans of Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine® asked for a higher proof flavored moonshine, the award-winning brand listened. The result is Ole Smoky’s new Lightnin’ Line of 80 proof flavored moonshine. The launch features three of the distilleries already popular flavors, Strawberry Lightnin’, Lemon Drop Lightnin’ and Hunch Punch Lightnin’, bottled in the same personalized 750 ml traditional mason jar that has become synonymous with the Ole Smoky Moonshine brand. The 80 proof recipes have been secretly under development at the Ole Smoky Moonshine Distillery, also known as The HollerTM in Gatlinburg, TN and the finished products are now shipping nationwide. Previously, both Strawberry and Lemon Drop flavors were available at locations across the country at 40 proof, but this marks the first time that the Hunch Punch flavor will be available outside of The Holler.

“We take a lot of pride in the process to create new flavors and the ingredients we put in any bottle of moonshine at Ole Smoky”, said founder Joe Baker. “When our customers asked us to turn up the heat on some of their favorite flavors, we listened and took the time to create a smooth, great tasting product, just like our original flavors. We can’t wait to hear what the country thinks of our new Lightnin’ Line and remind all of our customers to Shine Responsibly.”

An all-time favorite from the mountains, strawberries are used across Appalachia for the best jams, pies and preserves. At Ole Smoky, the distillers want the strawberry flavor to shine, so they use the best berries they can find to infuse the moonshine with a sweet flavor. Mixed with lemonade, on the rocks, or straight from the jar, Ole Smoky® Strawberry Lightnin’ is Always In Season.

And here in the South, just like moonshine, drinking lemonade is a time honored tradition. At The Holler, they make their favorite thirst quencher the only way they know how, with fresh squeezed lemons and sugar stirred in ice cold water. They mix the fresh lemonade with their White Lightnin’ to create Ole Smoky® Lemon Drop Lightnin’ - It’s Electric!

The Hunch Punch flavor is a party favorite and has been flying off the shelves at The Holler for years. It’s made with a delicious combination of fresh orange pineapple and cherry juices. Call your friends over, put the speakers in the windows, and enjoy Ole Smoky® Hunch Punch Lightnin’- It’s a party in your mouth.

Ole Smoky Moonshine’s Lightnin’ Line is shipping out to retail stores this month in 49 states and Canada and is available in national retail stores like Sam’s Club and Walmart as well as local liquor stores nationwide. Bottles retail for $24.95, prices may vary. For additional information on where to buy, please visit

Shine Responsibly®


About Ole Smoky® Tennessee Moonshine

Currently, Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine nationally retails fifteen flavors of moonshine made using authentic East Tennessee recipes, jarred and shipped directly from the company’s famed Gatlinburg distillery. The Ole Smoky Moonshine™ distillery, known as The Holler™, is America’s most visited distillery and produces the brand’s signature flavors.   Original Moonshine (100 proof), White Lightnin’™ (100 proof), Lightnin’ Line (80 proof): Strawberry Lightnin’, Lemon Drop Lightnin’ and Hunch Punch Lightnin’TM,  and the 40 proof line including: Moonshine Cherries™, Peach Moonshine™, Apple Pie Moonshine™, Blackberry Moonshine™, Strawberry Moonshine™, Lemon Drop Moonshine™, Pineapple Moonshine, Watermelon Moonshine, Sweet Tea Moonshine and Charred Moonshine™ are available selectively in 49 states and Canada.  Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine can be found at local retailers and is sampled and sold at some of the biggest music and sporting events in the country.  True to its roots, each Ole Smoky Moonshine flavor is born from the hand-crafted recipes of the Tennessee families who have been filling moonshine jars and jugs in the Smoky Mountains for more than a century. For more information about the brand, please visit Find them on social media:,,

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