International Space Agency: Ole Smoky Moonshine Official Drink of the Moon

Ole Smoky is moving on up. Late Tuesday evening, the International Space Agency named Ole Smoky Moonshine the official drink of the moon. A move that has Astronauts and Physicists alike dancing a jig. Engineer, Gerald DeChambeau calls the news, "An absolute delight. Contrary to popular belief working on the moon isn't a cake walk. There’s a lot of physics involved. Science. Numbers. Letters. Numbers and letters together. It's a grind. At the end of the day, powdered orange drinks just don’t cut it. Plus, moonshine makes intergalactic small talk feel less forced."  

 The news has sent ripples through Wall Street as well, with many forecasters bullish on the outlook. Trustee, Wilhelm Von Vonderlin says, “This is the best thing to happen to space travel since the advent of the moon boot. We’ve got big-big plans. Huge. We’re already in talks about putting distilleries in space stations across the galaxy. And the hope is by 2026 we’ll be hosting tastings on the giant cheese ball in the sky.” Ultimately, scientists have proven this is an April Fools joke!


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