I’ve Taken A Shine To Ole Smoky Moonshine |

For hundreds of years Tennessee mountain dwellers hid their moonshine, now they are loud and proud. Have you ever tried moonshine? I did for the first time a few years ago and I swear some hairs sprouted of my chest!

Well Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine has convinced me that all moonshine doesn’t taste like lighter fluid. In fact, I’m actually loving the Moonshine Cherries I have been sampling. Ole Smoky is Tennessee’s first legal moonshine distillery (I may need to make a trip to Gatlinburg to take a tour of the distillery) and is now selling 10 flavors of a centuries old East Tennessee family recipe. Apple Pie Moonshine and Moonshine Cherries are two of the more popular flavors, but one of the others may strike your fancy. How about White Lightnin’, Charred, Peach Moonshine, Blackberry Moonshine or Lemon Drop?

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