HuffPost Taste | The History of Moonshine, as Told by the Internet

People got an inside look at the illicit business of moonshining when Discovery launched its docudrama series Moonshiners in 2011. The show gave people a glimpse into the lives of various bootleggers in the Appalachian Mountains of the Carolinas and Virginia--including footage from Neal Hutcheson's documentary on "Popcorn" Sutton.

White whiskey has been steadily gaining steam over the past few years. Not only is it much safer to drink than the stuff that was popular during Prohibition, but companies like Ole Smoky, Buffalo Trace and Jim Beam have started marketing the powerful corn liquor to the masses. There's even a brand named after the venerable "Popcorn" Sutton himself, that's made from his old family recipe--the same stuff that got him a jail sentence. The bottle features "XXX," similar to the jugs of hooch commonly featured in cartoons.

It's proof that moonshine has come a long way over the past three centuries. While there will always be illegal whiskey out there, there's no need to risk jail time to get a taste of authentic Appalachian mountain dew.

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