The Daily Herald | Suburban Bars Embrace Moonshine as 'The Next Big Thing'

In July 2011, Tennessee's Ole Smoky Distillery began selling moonshine in the Chicago area. Packaged in a Mason jar and available in a variety of flavors and potencies, the spirit appealed to restaurant and bar owners.

The unaged whiskey proved so popular, in fact, that at least five spots that opened in the last two years made it the focus of their drink menus: Rack House Kitchen & Tavern in Arlington Heights, Old Crow Smokehouse in Schaumburg and Chicago, Whiskey River BBQ & Honky Tonk in Mount Prospect, and The Still Bar and Grill in Bartlett.

"There's a wide range of flavors," said brand ambassador Shane McKnight. "The humble packaging of the Mason jar helps people identify with a fresher fruit experience. It makes the cocktail a lot more approachable than scotch or a rye whiskey. It's just a lot more familiar. There's a little nostalgia." ....


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