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"Many visitors to the mountains of Tennessee are curious about the old stories about moonshiners and their brews. The legends about these pioneers in the liquor business still haunt the Smokies, from the hiking trails in the National Park to the hollows hidden behind busy tourist destinations in the valleys. Now, those looking to satisfy their curiosity can experience what Appalachian moonshining is all about—including what its makings taste like—at the Ole Smoky Moonshine Distillery located in Gatlinburg, also known as, "The Holler."

Expanded to accommodate its growing popularity, the Distillery offers a unique experience for any visitor. The entire distilling process becomes accessible: guests may tour the authentic, working moonshine stills and also ask questions of the distillers themselves, who are happy to explain the traditions involved. Visitors will also have the option of sampling some of the Distillery’s most famous creations, such as White Lightning, Unaged Corn Whiskey, Strawberry, or Peach, or the shop’s irresistible candy-apple-red Moonshine Cherries, if they are bold enough for the experience! ..."

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