Ole Smoky Distillery Launches New Moonshine Pineapples With Piña Colada

Ole Smoky has released its latest moonshine fruits and veggies product, Moonshine Pineapples with Piña Colada. The delicious tropical expression joins the distillery’s Moonshine Cherries, Moonshine Pickles and Moonshine Peaches products available nationwide.

“This product was originally launched at our distilleries and because of the great response, we decided to make it available across the country. Ole Smoky is always looking for creative innovative flavors to surprise and delight consumers,” said Robert Hall, CEO, Ole Smoky Distillery.

To celebrate the launch of Pineapples with Piña Colada, Ole Smoky has created an easy and refreshing signature summer cocktail, the Tropic Sunrise, made with 2.5 ounces of Ole Smoky Moonshine Pineapples with Piña Colada Moonshine, 3 ounces of orange juice, 2 ounces of pineapple juice and garnished with an Ole Smoky Moonshine Pineapple, an Ole Smoky Moonshine Cherry and topped with a drizzle of grenadine. If you visit Ole Smoky’s 6th & Peabody Distillery in Nashville, or at a restaurant and bar that serves Ole Smoky, ask for the delicious TN Luau, which is a shot featuring 1 ounce of Piña Colada Moonshine together with 1 -2 chunks of moonshine pineapples.

Ole Smoky first launched their fruits and veggies products with their signature Moonshine Cherries, a delicious combination of maraschino cherries and 100 proof original moonshine. That product’s success in the marketplace led to the creation of Moonshine Peaches, blending luscious juicy peaches with Ole Smoky’s White Lightnin’ Moonshine, perfect for Sangrias. Soon after, Ole Smoky released their Moonshine Pickles using crunchy dill pickles, pickled in moonshine which has become a necessary component of a Bloody Mary.

Paul Lindsley

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