Ole Smoky® Distillery Launches Whiskey Line Nationally in Fall 2017


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GATLINBURG, TN (August 14, 2017)- Ole Smoky Distillery announced today the national launch of its whiskey line. The company plans to build off the success of the whiskeys’ local Tennessee launch in 2016 by introducing the top three flavors to bars, restaurants and retail stores across the U.S. 

“We are confident that this business endeavor will bring the company great success. Having two categories under the very powerful Ole Smoky brand is a huge win, and we know it will be a great opportunity to increase our fan base,” says the CEO of Ole Smoky, Robert Hall.  

Ole Smoky’s whiskey line began when the company rebranded the former Davy Crockett Whiskey and renovated their distillery in February 2016. Up until now, the whiskeys were only widely available in Tennessee and with limited availability in Georgia and Colorado. After a year of seeing great success in this market, the company decided to introduce their top flavors (Straight Tennessee Bourbon, Mango Habanero, and Salty Caramel) to locations throughout the country. 

One of the first national accounts to take in Ole Smoky whiskey on a larger scale is Buffalo Wild Wings. The sports bar/restaurant chain plans to feature an Ole Smoky Mango Habanero Whiskey cocktail on all their menus beginning in October 2017 – in the heart of Football season. Buffalo Wild Wings is the first of many locations where consumers can purchase Ole Smoky whiskey. National restaurant chain, Twin Peaks will also be adding Ole Smoky Salty Caramel Whiskey to their menus this fall.

“The whiskey line is a great addition to Ole Smoky’s collection of moonshine,” says Ole Smoky’s President of Wholesale, Michael Bender. “By capitalizing on our existing brand affinity as well as the whiskey trend amongst millennials, this launch is sure to be successful.”

For more information about Ole Smoky Whiskey and where it will be available, visit or find them on social media @olesmoky

About Ole Smoky® Whiskey:

In 2016, Ole Smoky launched its whiskey line when it merged their brand with another family-owned Tennessee whiskey business. Crafted from a century old recipe, the white oak, more than 4-years-aged whiskey is hand picked from barrels based on taste and color ensuring the highest quality.

Ole Smoky’s barrel-aged whiskey stands out amongst the rest because of the fact that it is mellowed through sugar maple charcoal until the desired flavor is acquired. Ingredients include locally grown grain, yeast, water, and a few other proprietary ingredients.

Ole Smoky’s offers a variety of whiskeys at its distillery in Gatlinburg, TN, including Straight Tennessee Whiskey, Blended Tennessee Whiskey, Salty Caramel, Mango Habanero, Cinnamon, Pecan, Maple, Root Beer, Tennessee Mud, and Cookies & Cream. Ole Smoky Straight Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey, Mango Habanero, and Salty Caramel will soon be available at bars, restaurants, and retailers throughout U.S. For the true Ole Smoky Whiskey experience, you can enjoy free tours and tastings by visiting the Gatlinburg distillery, The Barrelhouse. 

For more information about the brand, please visit and find them on social media @olesmoky.

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