Happy National Moonshine Day! Celebrate with Ole Smoky’s Shine Fest!

Hooch, hoop, shiney, skullpop, and white lightning are a few other monikers for it, but it is most widely known as moonshine—a word that denotes an undertaking done at night, which in fact was how moonshiners evaded law enforcement. 

Ole Smoky Moonshine co-founder Joe Baker, using a century-old family recipe that he fine-tuned, launched the brand in 2010, shortly after Tennessee made distilling moonshine legal in 2009. As the first legal moonshine in East Tennessee, the brand has grown exponentially in the past 12 years. The company now employs more than 800 people, makes a wide range of moonshines and whiskeys in four distillery locations across the state, and hosted more than 5.7 million visitors in 2021 alone.

“Moonshine is a spirit with rich American history, and National Moonshine Day is a way for Ole Smoky to celebrate that legacy and share it with the world. It’s time we brought this holiday of ‘history in a jar’ to life for everyone to enjoy,” says Baker. 

Ole Smoky is the bestselling moonshine brand in the United States, and as such has much to celebrate on June 2, National Moonshine Day.

“The Ole Smoky team will be out in full force to bring National Moonshine Day to life at bars and restaurants, our distillery locations, and retail accounts throughout the country,” says Robert Hall, CEO, Ole Smoky Distillery. “We want everyone to celebrate this special day that’s a nod to our rich history.”

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Get ready for National Moonshine Day 2023.

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