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"Ole Smoky Moonshine offers what they like to refer to as a "true moonshine experience." Packaged in a canning jar with an old-timey label, this unaged corn whiskey certainly does feel legit. It's made from a centuries-old recipe using corn grown by local farmers in eastern Tennessee. The grain bill makes up 80 percent of the recipe, the other 20 percent is a secret.

For a 100-proof spirit, Ole Smoky Moonshine has a light and sweet corn nose that's devoid of the vapors you might expect from such a potent potable. Its taste has the bite you might expect, with a hint of that sweetness that's present in the nose. You'll taste the corn ­— it's the main ingredient here after all — mid-palate, and you'll probably notice a little heat here too. Toward the end, you'll run into a sugary, rum-like sweetness that's coupled with a little bit of vapor. The finish is quick and clean, and the heat fades just as soon as it began.

While you might be tempted to mix this moonshine, or to even pour it into a glass for tasting purposes, the real fun of Ole Smoky Moonshine is drinking out of the signature jar. You'll get a real "moonshine experience" that way. If you can't shoot the whiskey, mix this two parts Ole Smoky with two-and-a-half parts Coke for a Corn N Cola."


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