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Ole Smoky Moonshine


May 2, 2018

Salt & Light LIVE at Ole Smoky

In the music business, it is commonly said that a band has to either create or copy. Salt and Light, an all-sibling band from North Carolina, has chosen to create. This decision, along with each of the band members’ vast range of influences, has enabled them to derive their own energetic brand of music, which is best described as a unique, aggressive, and modern take on bluegrass with deep Celtic undertones. This has begun the process of giving Salt and Light their own distinctive sound which spans the contemporary and traditional bluegrass, Celtic, folk, and Americana worlds, and which can be appreciated by listeners of each of those genres and beyond while not forsaking their bluegrass roots.


Incorporating solid instrumentation, making good use of sibling harmonies, and possessing a mature and commanding stage presence makes them highly entertaining. They please, impress, and excite audiences wherever they go, and have become a favorite at venues across the US and Canada. Despite their youthfulness, Salt and Light exhibits a proficiency and professionalism beyond their years, both on and off stage.


With their surprisingly deep and ever-growing catalog of original songs, Salt and Light displays their ability to write and arrange mature and captivating material, both lyrically and musically. They proved their possession this valuable skill with the release of their 2016 recorded project “Second Course”, which makes use of eight songs of the band’s creation. They continue to mature in their songwriting abilities and are currently writing and compiling material for a release with Poor Mountain Records in the fall of 2018.


In short, Salt and Light endeavors to entertain, energize, and edify their audiences at every show.


  • May 19: 12-5pm - The Holler, Gatlinburg
  • May 26: 5-10pm - The Island, Pigeon Forge